Best Healthy Green Tea to Buy

Healthy green tea comes in a few different strands which may not be presented to you in the grocery store. Before I begin suggesting the brands of teas I would recommend I would first like to break down a few different strands.

  • Long Jing(also known as Dragonwell Green Tea)

This is based out of China and is one of the most well recognized green teas on the market. This tea takes a bit of time to make, you can see what I mean by watching the following video:


  • Japanese Sencha

This is known as the everyday Japanese green tea, and most common around the world. This tea does not take long to make, you will only really need to let the boiling water and leaves sit for about 60 seconds before serving.

  • Matcha

This is a green powdered like substance which is commonly used in Japenese tea ceremonies. This is more of an acquired taste for most but from personal experience has the most calming yet alert feeling.

  • GenmaiCha(also know as popcorn tea)

This is one of the best green teas. This is harvested in the high mountains of japan and includes brown rice grains which provides a nutty taste due to the grains of rice.


Now onto my recommendations, I believe Matcha & Genmai Cha are the two best strands of healthy green tea. I will say if you are the type of person aiming to get the most noticeable benefits of green tea then Matcha may be your choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for taste, go with Genmai Cha as its unique flavor wins in the tasting category.

As for brands/vendors I would suggest Encha Matcha for the Matcha lovers and Adagio for Genmai Cha

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