Green Tea Health Benefits

Green tea health benefits are one of the main reasons to start drinking  green tea on a daily basis. Below is a list of reasons why it is a good idea to start having green tea in your daily routine.

  • Prevent Cancer

If this does not get you to start drinking green tea then I don’t know what will. Green tea helps detox your body and is a very powerful antioxidant. There have been many studies showing that green tea helps prevent various forums of cancer, one specifically being stomach cancer. Approximately 1 in every 114 men and women develop stomach cancer so you can see the importance for keeping up your green tea intake.  There is also studies within the United States that are leaning more towards green tea reducing tobacco causing forms of cancer.  Women should also consider drinking green tea more frequently as its benefits will attach to the estrogen preceptors to decrease the risk of breast, uterine cancer and possibly ovarian cancer.

  • Decrease Cardiovascular Disease 

Green tea is a huge benefit to those who suffer from cardiovascular disease. The green tea will make the blood a little less sticky which will decrease the chance of blood clots forming. Green tea has been proven to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise your good cholesterol (HDL) while also lowering your blood pressure.

  • Weight Loss

One cup of green tea has much less caffeine that one cup of coffee (nearly half). One would think that coffee would be the victor in weight loss. Typically, more caffeine increases heart rate which speeds up the metabolism. There have been studies shown that people who drink decaffeinated green tea still lose weight then users who do not drink green tea (I personally do not work well with caffeine and drink decaf green tea and have seen results).  Green tea has whats called “Catechins” which do not stimulate your nervous system as many other stimulates do. Green tea can not only have you burn fat while your active, some believe it can also burn fat while resting (approximately 3-4% calories during rest).

  • Lower you chance of death

Wait WHAT!? Yes, the best green teas can decrease death. One cup of green tea can decrease your death percentage by a whopping 4%. Not saying it will save you from a knife fight, but it will help prevent cancer and other diseases.


I hope all this talk on green tea health benefits will get you to drink green tea more.

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