How to make natural green tea shampoo?

How to make natural green tea shampoo

What are the positives of Green Tea Shampoo?

Green Tea Shampoo can stimulate hair growth because it increases DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which aids in hair growth. It will also prevent hair loss as well. Having dandruff issues? Say goodbye to head and shoulders as this mixture can also help with dandruff and drys scalp. If you have dingy,nappy or dry hair green tea shampoo can help because of the panthenol which has been proven to make hair stronger and healthier. I am not sure if you would count this as a benefit, but using the best green teas available can also cause your hair to grow faster (So guys, if you are growing a man bun then use green tea!). The reason your hair can grow faster its because green tea speeds up your metabolism, which can cause your hair to grow faster.


Is this for you?

I cant be the one to speak on that but I can say it does help me out personally. I have really dry thick hair. I started using different types of products from Head and Shoulders to treat flaking and using conditioner to make my hair soft. Not knocking those products as they did work but not nearly as well as the home made shampoo and it was more cost effective. The shampoo is saving me from buying both shampoo and conditioner which is a positive and I always have the ingredients in my house so its like a never ending supply.  I suggested this to my friends & family but I have yet to have any one try it so I really would like your feed back if possible.


What are the negatives?

Well with everything there are ups and downs. The biggest negative is the preparation. Although simple and easy to make, who wants to boil water and mix a bunch of ingredients together to save a few bucks? I am one of those people I guess. The scent, in my experience, is not as great of a scent then store bought shampoo. Its not bad but its definitely not as strong and long lasting. The final negative is that it doesnt have as long of a shelf life as store bought shampoo but I believe thats the price you need to pay to have natural shampoo


How to make your own Green Tea Shampoo


  • Green Tea Bags(x4)
  • 200ml of liquid soap
  • 1TBSP olive oil


  1. Boil 4 Green Tea Bags
  2. Let Green tea cool
  3. Add 200 ml of liquid soap
  4. Add 1 TBSP of Olive Oil
  5. Mix
  6. Pour into bottle and take a shower (I will not instruct you how to do so.)
  7. Rinse with cold water for best results.

(Side Note: You do not have to use a conditioner.)

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