Best Green Teas of 2016

Best Green Teas

After reviewing several submissions of green tea this year, I have finally rated them based on personal preference. This is what my wife and I believe to be the best tea’s that we have tested this year. I would like to thank all of the companies that have so kindly submitted their teas and hope to hear from you all in next years review. So without further ado, here are our rankings.

1. Steven Smith – Blend No. 1912 – Rose City Genmaicha

steven smith green tea

Let me first start of by saying the packaging is simple yet elegant. The string-tie box to me is an eye catcher and for whatever reason makes me feel like I own a piece of history (its the simple things in life, right?).  When first opening the bag I could smell the nuttiness  that was described on the front of the package. After boiling my cup and letting the tea steep, I took my first smell. I again smelled the nutty aroma, however it smells more like roasted nuts (again described on the packaging so they hit the nail on the had with the description).

When I took my first sip, I was able to taste the green leaf right from the start and towards the end the nuttiness from the rice ended up coming through. The after taste was back to the green leaf. I am a sweet tooth at heart which this tea provides a slight hint of honey. I think this is going to be winter tea for years to come. Great job Steven Smith!

2. Numi Organic Tea: Toasted Rice 

Numi Organic Tea Toasted Rice

This may be the tea I recommend to more people because I do like how the promote that their tea bags are made of natural biodegradable filter-paper. The tea bags are Non GMO and Non Plastic so you do not have to worry about anything with this tea. When opening the packet, the aroma of the tea was pleasant. After I brewed the tea and let steep,  the toasted rice smell was very noticeable. I was nervous at first to taste because of how strong the smell was but it did not transpire into the taste. I was extremely pleased with this product and would definitely say its up there with one of the better teas I have tasted.

3. Numi Organic Tea: Mate Lemon 

Numi Mate lemon tea

The tea was one of my wife’s favorites. The first smell brought me back to the lemon drop candies my grandmother always had hidden away in her purse. The smell is so pleasant and it just amazing how smell can bring you back to a better time of your life. Moving on! After steeping the tea and taking my first sip it was not overpowering at all. A very nice blend that does not need any sugar, honey or whatever else you may add to your tea. This is a must have tea.

4. Victory Sencha Loose Leaf Green Tea

Victory Sencha Green Tea

I have to first start out by saying Victory, you guys have one of the best black tea blends I have ever tried. If you stumbled upon this site and are looking for black teas, please goto victory A++. Now back to the green tea review, The Sencha Loose Leaf Green tea is great! I personally enjoy loose leaf green teas so I know there are no added particles. What you see is what you get. The leaves were one of the most freshest out of the samples I had received.

5. Celestial: Mint Green Tea

Celestia Gren Tea

I picked this gem up at my local grocery store. This is my night time caffeine free green tea (I needs me my fix at night before night night time). Mint and green leaves go hand in hand together and this blend is one that I highly recommend to pickup.

6. Yogi Green Tea Pomegranate

Yogi Green Tea Pomegranate

This is a local grocery store pickup. This tea can be sweet however it is one of my favorites that needed to be added to the list.


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